January 12, 2022




WHEN: January 12, 2022


WHAT: Foundation for the Future, a scientific education and public works advocacy foundation, dedicated to one goal: the creation of a space infrastructure administration, has been awarded the 2022 iGIANT Pioneer Award for Advancing the mission of the iGIANT as demonstrated by hosting and supporting conferences and outreach highlighting the critical importance of precision and gendered innovation and design in our lives. Through their support and dedication to iGIANT’s mission, important steps have been taken toward accelerating the translation of research into gender/sex-specific design elements. 

iGIANT President Saralyn Mark, a speaker at a previous Foundation for the Future Conversations event said, “I very much appreciate having the opportunity to share my insights on your platform.”  Foundation for the Future Executive Director Tim Chrisman, thanked Ms. Mark saying “It is such an honor to receive this Award.  Thank you Sara and all of the iGIANT for your hard work and efforts to make every work environment safe for all workers.” 


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About Foundation for the Future: 

Pioneering America’s success in space through visionary space transportation and infrastructure projects, The Foundation for the Future is leading the advance of the United States’ space infrastructure development by unifying civil space agency and federal policy objectives, and by connecting a community of supporters and companies to the vast opportunities space infrastructure development provides. For more information or to join us please visit: 


About iGIANT®

iGIANT® (impact of Gender/Sex on Innovation and Novel Technologies), a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation, accelerates the translation of research into gender/sex--specific design elements such as products, policies, protocols, and programs for health, IT, transportation and retail sectors by engaging stakeholders in government, industry, academia and advocacy. Through roundtables, summits, challenges, scholarships and an iGIANT Seal of Approval for design elements, iGIANT aspires to improve the safety and quality of life, including work performance, for everyone. It is the only organization in the world doing such work, and it has been often recognized for these efforts.

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DECEMBER 2, 2021


WHEN: December 2, 2021
WHAT: The Association for the Future, the trade association for space finance firms, fully supports Senator Marco Rubio’s (FL) upcoming Bill titled the Space Protection of American Command and Enterprise Act.
CONTACT: Tim Chrisman


The Association for the Future fully supports the Space Protection of American Command and Enterprise (SPACE) Act as introduced today by Senator Marco Rubio. The SPACE Act creates a set of reporting requirements to shed light on Chinese investment in the U.S. space sector, and limits U.S. agencies ability to purchase any space-related systems or services from organizations with ties to the Chinese government.

The Association’s Executive Director, Tim Chrisman said “China’s space program is advancing rapidly enabled in part by leveraging the theft of intellectual property from U.S. companies. The SPACE Act is an important tool in stemming the tide of that theft.”

“The CCP is channeling every bit of their national power to rapidly overtake us in industries key to our national interest, including space industrialization,” Senator Rubio said. “The United States should not sit idly while the CCP infiltrates American companies, steals our intellectual property, and exploits our domestically produced technology. Protecting our technological investments from the CCP’s corporate espionage is critical to our economic and national security. Congress and the Biden Administration must take this aggression seriously, or we will risk losing our position as the world’s leader in the future of space.”

The Association for the Future (A4F) is the trade association representing the interests of the space finance sector with the overarching intent to increase awareness at the state and Federal level about the needs of the space industry for new forms of finance. Priorities are reducing the risk of investing in and building companies within the space industry by reducing the regulatory burden on the sector and ensuring the sector’s unique needs are advocated for. For more information on the Association visit

Senator Rubio is the Vice Chairman of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, where he provides oversight over the U.S. government’s Intelligence Community and national security apparatus. Additionally, Senator Rubio is a member of the Senate Appropriations Committee, which is responsible for allocating funding for the federal government. For more information about Senator Rubio visit


MAY 14, 2021 


Washington, DC  "We wholeheartedly support this first major, space-related Congressional bill passed yesterday in the Senate Commerce,Science and Transportation Committee, " Tim Chrisman, Executive Director of the Foundation for the Future, said , "especially NASA's objectives, however actions could be made to greatly increase and unleash private capital and investment for US future Space ventures and to meet the challenges of China in their Space Race."


Specifically, Tim Chrisman referred to the bill, S.1260, which will be schedule for next week on the Senate floor by the Democratic Majority, and its provisions authorizing over $10B for Fiscal Years 2021-2026 ($2B a year) for human landing systems beyond earth and for $23.5B for the NASA budget.


 "These are excellent starting points but the Foundation seeks to attract billions in private investment to go beyond the projects and programs in this bill by Congress Enacting a SPACE Corporation Act, similar to the late President Kennedy creating and Congress supporting a COMSAT Corporation on a other space race which the US won in the international satellite communications system deployment." said Tim Chrisman. He also praised the provisions that embrace private sector commercial opportunities in areas such as, "advanced space suits for space astronauts; space situational awareness operations; Spaceports and launches and much more." The SPACE Corporation Act would permit the corporation to fund a wide range of new and innovative projects to support space discovery,exploration and colonization efforts by the US and to beat Chinese multi-billion dollar investments by their government now underway." We need to step up and create a second Private Federal corporation giving the private sector the ability to develop space in the same way our government in history did for the railroads, waterways, air travel and federal highway system. "Tim Chrisman said that "Congress needs to understand that Chinese commercial investment is Chinese military investment and we need to start immediately to secure private sector multi-billion dollar long term capital for US primacy on the Moon, Mars for the future. This bill speaks to that future."


"S.1260 needs to be reconciled with HR 2225, it's House counterpart bill, the NSF For the Future Act," said John Chwat, Director of Government Relations for the Foundation. The final bill must also pass both bodies, be confirmed in a Conference Committee and signed into law by the President, so we have a way to go, he emphasized." The Foundation is seeking to have Congress compliment such legislation on NASA and other space activities with the creation  of a SPACE Corporation, a private federal corporation that can attract private investment and initiate major space programs that will benefit jobs on earth in  the US and with space programs .John Chwat said of S.1260, " that it has a great provision on concerns on working with China in space but contains "waivers" that might override these concerns, and has other provisions on permitting Russian involvement."


The Foundation will be exploring its options with the House and Senate on the SPACE Corporation Act as these bills move through the Congressional process.


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