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Join us where we talk about ideas worth doing, challenges worth taking and why now is the time for Space, living and travel, to be a part of your Conversations. 


October 18, 2021
Space For Humanity with Rachel Lyons

Rachel Lyons is a key advocate of the space movement.  Lyons is the Executive Director of Space for Humanity, a non-profit organization which aims to use the spaceflight experience as a way to expand our perspective on Earth. By sponsoring crews of the next generation of leaders to go to space to experience our earth as a floating whole, connected planet, Space For Humanity’s goal is to train citizen astronauts to be able to share their experience and turn that new perspective into action in order to tackle some of the world’s biggest challenges. Under Lyons’ leadership, Space For Humanity has received public support from some of the space industry's most prominent and influential leaders including Richard Branson, Jeff Bezos, more than 10 astronauts and other industry leaders. During her tenure, Lyons has cultivated a highly engaged online community of millions across the globe.  Rachel is the former Vice-Chair of the Board of Directors of Students for the Exploration and Development of Space--USA, the world’s largest student-run space non-profit, enabling students from all over the world to get involved with space.  Rachel is a prolific public speaker and former radio host, and has been featured in outlets including Cheddar News, Ars Technica, ABC News, Washington Post, Yahoo! Finance, and has spoken for thousands at more than 50 events around the world.  Ultimately, Lyons believes that if we, as individuals, take on a grander perspective, we can contribute to greater societal change. She works to expand her perspective every day through leadership training, spending time in nature, learning about space, and even dancing. It is her wish that people from all over the world understand we are part of something much greater and in turn use that perspective to treat each other and our planet with more kindness and understanding.

Connect with Rachel: spaceforhumanity.org

Episode Transcript can be found here

October 12, 2021
The FAA and Space Flight with Wayne Monteith

Recorded during September 2021's Conversations for the Future event, join Tim and Wayne Monteith as they talk about the roll the FAA has been playing in Space Flight and what the future holds for more launches across the U.S.

Wayne Monteith was appointed to his current position at the, as the Federal Aviation Administration's Associate Administrator for commercial space transportation in January of 2019.

After retiring from the U S Air Force as a Brigadier General in this role, he is responsible for regulating the safety of the U S commercial space transportation. Mr Monteith. Last us air force assignment was operating the world's busiest spaceport leading over 9,000 military, civilian and contractor personnel.

As the commander of the 45th space wing and director of the Eastern range. He oversaw the successful execution of 66 space flights, 23 booster landings, and the first successful operational use of a fully autonomous flight. 

For more information: https://www.faa.gov/about/key_officials/monteith/

Connect with Wayne on LinkedIn

October 5, 2021
Challenges Worth Solving with Brady Aaron: TIG Time Welding

Join Tim and Brady on a discussion about the challenges we face today and the demand for welders.  Why we are facing this challenge and what we can do to fix it. 
Brady Aaron Grissinger has been welding for 16 years. Specifically in TIG Welding for race car parts and all the way up to aerospace components. 

Connect with Brady: www.tigtimellc.com 

Follow his work: Tigtime on Instagram 


Tim Chrisman is the Co-Founder / Executive Director of Foundation for the Future.

Tim is a former Army intelligence advisor, security officer, and most recently, a CIA officer supporting the national space council and the Joint Staff of the Office of the Secretary of Defense.

He holds two master's degrees - one in Intelligence Studies, and one in International Relations and Affairs from American University. Tim is the author of the book Humanity in Space and of various articles about the expanse of our civilization in space.

Tim’s next challenge and mission is to create the backbone of America's next century in space. In 2020, Tim co-founded Foundation For The Future, a scientific education and public works advocacy foundation, dedicated to one goal: the creation of a space infrastructure administration. This will be a public-private partnership to create jobs in the new space economy, new opportunities for innovators, and ultimately space access for all.