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MAY 3, 2021 




Team Space, 


Well, I successfully survived my trip to South Beach in Florida. Despite me attempting to unplug and get away, the team amped things up another notch and @Brant Arseneau is currently leading in The Great Race. Ok, not that one - and we'll get into it in a second - but he has pulled ahead 9 to 7. We've also finished up our planning for May's Conversations for the Future, welcomed three new members, and lined up meetings with at least two state economic development agencies to explore them lending support for the SPACE Corporation Act.


So without further ado...


Progress on The Hill - Congressional Support of The SPACE Corporation Act

How could I start anywhere else but with The Great Race? On Tuesday, Brant, Laila, April, and I all had a call to plan how we could garner corporate signatures for an open letter to Congress to support the SPACE Corporation Act. Brant mentioned that he could easily get a couple of dozen companies to sign on during this call. I replied that I would get two companies for every one he did. And so was born the Great Race. We have contacted over 150 companies this week between the two of us, ranging from Lockheed to new startups. As mentioned above - the score stands at 9:7 (Brant), with another 50+ companies/organizations reviewing the proposal. The end of round one is 2 pm EST tomorrow (Monday 5/3) - and the final is Monday 5/10. So look for updates right here next week.


If you have a space / space-adjacent company and want to add your name to our open letter to Congress - by all means, let me or Brant Arseneau know (whichever team you want to win).


Turning to Congress - this week, our Government Relations Director, John Chwat, did special presentations on the SPACE Corporation Act to 15 Members and their staff (7 Senate / 8 House); and continued his outreach to professional staff members of the House China Task Force, the Congressional Executive Commission on China, and the House / Senate Armed Services Committees. With the launch of the core module of China's space station this week - we were able to directly tie the need for space infrastructure to the security challenges presented by China.


Conversations for the Future (C4F) Event - May 4 & 5 (Formerly known as Blue Marble Week)

Please join us for our first official Conversations for the Future event. The topic is Space Energy and will host a wide range of exciting speakers. If you haven't registered, please be sure to register now. Ashely and I will be on location shooting from Akron, Ohio, starting Monday and will hold at least one event in a local maker-space. This, combined with her work networking with local schools and officials, has gone a long way to raising our regional profile. We have applied many of the lessons we learned in Scranton - and expect to have a larger virtual event and our biggest local footprint to date.


Building the Workforce for the Future (W4F) Development Center Network

This week we had great conversations with the Pacific Northwest Aerospace Alliance. We joined as an affiliate, and I will be presenting at their event on May 6 - you can find out more here. I am excited to work with them to learn about their member companies and explore how the SPACE Corporation Act or our Workforce for the Future initiative could help them.


@Paul F. Jurasin and I were on a workforce development panel at Cal Poly. I heard a lot about the need state and the efforts underway in California. We have a handful of follow-up meetings with members of the California economic development agencies to find out how we can assist them in amplifying their message while also exporting their lessons throughout our workforce development network.


The Endless Potential of Graphene

I also had a great conversation with Mavi Figueres- President & Co-Founderfrom Graphene CR - a company working on expanding access to, integration of, and education about sustainably produced graphene. She is doing some awesome work both here in the US and Costa Rica in providing entrepreneurs, educators, and students with access to graphene so they can experiment with different applications. With many of these applications being for/in space - there is a ton of overlap between what she is working on and what we are.


Other News

We are going to Vegas. No, not just as a fundraising trip where I bet everything on black. But to participate in the Star Trek convention in support of GaaaysInSpaaace. Yep - it turns out that URL was actually free until they grabbed it. Shocking, I know. But back on topic - Dan Deevy and I are working through the details - but we are definitely going - and definitely going to help them with their booth, panel, and anything else we can.


Way less exciting - but interesting nonetheless - I was interviewed by Andrew from the Action and Ambition Podcast and had a great time talking about how the rest of us will be in space a LOT sooner than we think. One of the things we chatted about afterward was about his software development agency could play in the space economy. I am 100% sure I didn't do justice to the software needs we inside the space economy have, so if you want to chat with Andrew about some possible developmental needs for his team to work on - please let me know, and I'll connect you.



Join us for a Webinar

Join us on May 10 at 8:30 am EST for a webinar - UNRAVELING THE COMPLEXITY Federal Appropriations and the Future of Space Development.


Kevin O'Connell, Former Director of the Office of Space Commerce, John Chwatt, F4F's Director of Government Relations, and I will discuss how investment in space infrastructure will yield massive economic growth and support civil and national security space efforts while creating a sustainable path for new space economy jobs. Expect to review key Fiscal Year 2022-2023 Federal budget impacts on issues including timelines, Congressional actions, and Agency funding options.


I look forward to seeing you all right back here next week - unless I see you out there sooner. 






Tim Chrisman is a former Army intelligence advisor, security officer, and most recently, a CIA officer supporting the national space council and the Joint Staff of the Office of the Secretary of Defense. He holds two master's degrees - one in Intelligence Studies, and one in International Relations and Affairs from American University. Tim is the author of the book Humanity in Space and of various articles about the expanse of our civilization in space.

Tim’s next challenge and mission is to create the backbone of America's next century in space. In 2020, Tim co-founded Foundation For The Future, a scientific education and public works advocacy foundation, dedicated to one goal: the creation of a space infrastructure administration. This will be a public-private partnership to create jobs in the new space economy, new opportunities for innovators, and ultimately space access for all.