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Request to the 117th US Congress
On behalf of the Foundation For The Future

Support for the SPACE Corporation Act of 2021


The Foundation for the Future, to initiate debate and consideration on the future of space development and the urgency (for the primacy of the United States) to support a public-private sector federally chartered corporation for space infrastructure and enhancement of space projects, supports the introduction and passage, in the 117th Congress, of the "Space Public-private Advanced Commercialization Enterprise" SPACE Corporation Act of 2021. The proposed bill seeks to build on the traditional bi-partisan support for NASA and extend this support towards the commercial, government, national defense and other purposes of space development, enhanced by Congressional Committee and legislative process including Congressional review and support.



The SPACE Corporation Act of 2021 builds upon the priority bi-partisan and US primacy in space policy that was initiated during the Kennedy-Johnson Presidencies in direct response to Sputnik, Soviet manned space travel, and our directive to be the first on the Moon with Apollo. The Foundation for the Future supports the precedents of Congress in passing federally chartered corporations, such as COMSAT Act, to move the US forward in telecommunications satellite technology, and other corporate bills in our past to deal with important national needs, such as electric power development with the Tennessee Valley Authority during the depression era. We face a similar "race" to space which requires a joint public- private sector entity designed to fund and support space development and infrastructure, similar to the building of the Erie Canal, the Transcontinental Railroad, and our air, sea, and road highways serving the public. Now we must focus on Space.

For additional information on the SPACE Corporation Act and how to support its passage, please contact Tim Chrisman, Executive Director, Foundation for the Future at or John Chwat, Director of Government Relations at